We offer a variety of emulsion pump covers for many liquid dispensing applications. Most of our emulsion pumps dispense 1.80 - 2.00cc of output per stroke to easily dispense high viscosity products, but we support 4.00cc of output on some of our emulsion pump covers. Our emulsion pumps are classically designed to fit a variety of product styles. We offer standard white, black and natural colored saddle head dispensing pumps with smooth or ribbed caps. We also offer black, white and silver treatment pumps with smooth or ribbed caps. Our lotion pumps have a safe and secure screw-on head lock. Simply unscrew the head to easily engage these lotion pumps. Screw the head of the lotion pump back into the cap to safely store and transport the product.

Yuyao Luhang Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.

Whether you're looking for economy or luxury, LuHang has the inventory, production stock and mold inventory to meet your needs. Lotion pumps ensure easy, mess-free dispensing of lotions produced by companies in the personal care, pet care, health and beauty industries. A wide range of emulsion pumps are in stock and made of the highest quality PP plastic to ensure reliable long-term use.


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