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Yuyao Luhang Daily Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, located in the world famous port of Ningbo. The existing plant area is about 10000 square meters

It is a professional daily necessities packaging production enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, production and sales, with independent export right.

We have a full set of technology and equipment such as advanced mold design, steel mold manufacturing, automatic injection molding, automatic assembly and testing. It provides a solid guarantee and foundation for the excellent quality of products. With excellent quality and convenient geographical advantages, we have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers over the years.

Loliton pumps have a lockout or latching feature

The pump can be closed in a locked position or a locking device, which enables the user to turn the head to the left or right in the locked position or to unscrew the head from the closure in the locked position.

The advantage of a locking pump is that the pump can be turned off after use. The disadvantage is that the pump is more expensive and has a limited top load.

Locking pumps are manufactured using a pure path engine, which ensures that the user performs metal-free dispensing. The spring mechanism also does not come into contact with the product, thus eliminating any risk of contamination and oxidation due to contact with the contents.

Application areas for lotion pumps

Baby care

Body care

Hair care

Sun protection

Facial skin care

Personal Hygiene


Emulsion pumps usually consist of an engine that needs to be activated by means of a pressure head, a head that can be designed to suit the customer's requirements. 

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28/410 Lotion Pump

28-410 PP Plastic Smooth Emulsion Pump

8" dip tube

Dispense per stroke: 2 ml


28/410 Lotion Pump Overview

Designed for use in lotion pump bottles or dispensers, these lotion pumps are available in a variety of colors. They are ideal for viscous materials such as lotions, liquid soaps and shampoos as well as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other health and beauty products.

Ideal for viscous materials

Dispense 2mL per stroke

Plunger lock for transport and storage

Product Specification

BrandRoad traffic
Name and Specifications28/410 Lotion Pump
materialeessential component is pp, others are LDPE PE stianless steel spin etc


Weight0.025 lbs
Cap Size28-410

These quality emulsion pumps are manufactured by Luhang and are available at wholesale prices. This high output, locking lotion pump delivers 4cc of product in most applications. This unique feed pump prevents water from entering the product, making it ideal for use in the shower. Lotion pumps have been used in the hair care, personal care, pet care and home care industries. They are popular in shampoos, conditioners and body washes. We can provide services for wholesalers and retailers,please remember to always test the compatibility of your product before purchasing, if you are interested in our products, contact us for more information.

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