The Considerations When Choosing the Lotion Pump

Aug. 26, 2021

lotion pump

lotion pumps

At present, lotion pumps have been packaged in different types of products. Do you know how to select the lotion pump in high quality? And do you know the considerations that have to be taken when choosing the lotion pump?

Neck Size 

Sizes vary differently, its size variables include 24/415, 20/415, and more. The neck size of the lotion pump needs to match the bottleneck size. Thus, the lotion pump can perfectly close and seal the bottle. A perfect match of neck sizes prevents the product from spilling or leaking.


Most lotion pumps are mainly made of plastic making it easy to add color in the manufacturing process. It means the company can arrange with the manufacturer to have their desired color when they order in bulk. More so, lotion pumps are not only in plastic, there are lotion pumps in an aluminum sheath. It gives a stunning and elegant luxury edge for products.

Tube Length

The tube length refers to the plastic tube inside the bottle and attached to the pump piston. It delivers the lotion or product from the bottom of the bottle to the chamber pump, and out of the actuator. The lengths are cut in different sizes to match the chamber. More so, the diameter of the tube depends on the liquid thickness.

Pump Dose

The dosing amount depends on the product specification. There are factors that need to be considered before choosing the right pump dose variable. The variable dose may vary from 0.5mL to 2.0mL. Some factors to consider may include the cost of the product, expected use, and expiry date of the product.

Locking Mechanism

It is essential to consider the lock mechanism in selecting the perfect lotion pump. The distinctive design of the lock mechanisms helps the product content to stay fresh for a longer period. More so, it keeps the contents secured and prevents spills. There are three essential locking mechanisms for lotion pumps, these are lock down, lock up, and clip lock. The mechanism helps provide a more aesthetic look and functionality to the lotion pumps.

Lock Up

Lock up mechanism is the most favorable and popular mechanism among the three. It has a desirable design with an aesthetic look. When the consumer presses the actuator, it will dispense the product immediately and efficiently. The pump will resume to its original position after it is pushed back. More so, some lotion pumps with a lock-up mechanism can be securely locked with a twisting nozzle.

Lock Down

Lock down mechanism is higher from the neck base, it must be unlocked before the pump can dispense the product. The pump lotion needs to be pushed down again to securely lock it.

Clip Lock

Meanwhile, the clip lock mechanism is available in various styles. It is different among the three, as you will notice the clip lock lotion pump will only be complete if it has a plastic clip attached to its neck. The clip is designed to detect product tampering and for child safety.

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