Foam Pump:Is Cleansing Mousse Better?

Sep. 21, 2021

Foam Pump

Many people prefer the use of cleansing mousse. But facial cleanser is more cost-effective. A foam pump can help your face wash into a cleansing mousse.


What is mousse?

The word mousse comes from the Latin word "mulsa", which means smooth foam. For example, we all like to eat mousse cake, the foam is delicate and smooth, melting in the mouth. In hair styling products, there is also a mousse type product called hair mousse, which is a foamy hair styling agent.

As you can see from the above examples, the core feature of mousse products is foam, and so is cleansing mousse, which is designed with a special formula and Foam Pump to instantly create fine and dense bubbles with a light press.


The difference between facial cleansing mousse and facial wash


The core ingredient of a facial cleanser is a surfactant. The surfactants used in ordinary facial cleansers are mainly soap-based (usually with potassium hydroxide) or sulfate salts (such as sodium lauryl sulfate). They have a milky or creamy appearance and have to be rubbed or lathered with the help of a foaming net.

In contrast, the surfactant used in cleansing mousse is an acyl amino acid salt, which dissolves easily in water, so the contents of the mousse bottle are a watery liquid rather than a creamy pearly body like a facial cleanser. To create dense bubbles with cleansing mousse, you need a special foam pump.


Why do I need to shake before using the cleansing mousse?

When you squeeze, the liquid rises up and passes through a fine, porous pump head, air mixes into the liquid and expands in volume, so bubbles keep popping out. This foam is generally larger and uneven in size. In order to get a uniform and fine foam, we need to add auxiliary foaming agents or propellants (such as compressed air, propane, butane), and make the foam very fine, dense and stable by shaking it properly before use.


Which is better, cleansing mousse or cleansing milk?


From the above analysis, it can be seen that the essence of cleansing mousse and cleansing milk are the same, both are cleansing products, only with different textures. Facial cleanser is creamy and needs to be lathered up under external force; while facial cleansing mousse can be squeezed out directly, so mousse is more convenient to use and consume faster. At the same time, the cost of cleansing mousse is about 3-5 times higher than a regular cleanser, so cleansing mousse is not as cost-effective as a cleanser. If you want to turn the cleansing milk in your hand into a cleansing mousse, all you need is a foam pump! We are a foam pump supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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